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Performance Management Software

GoodRevu Performance Management Software allows you to create structured feedback with a flick of the wrist.

Almost every company conducts some sort of performance management process, typically in the form of an annual (semi-annual, or quarterly) employee performance review. Studies show that over 90% of companies in the US (and nearly that high world-wide) conduct employee performance appraisals, some using performance management software, and many using paper forms, or their only marginally better cousins, the electronic (Excel and Word) document-based reviews. Most performance management offerings are just a step up from Excel - a web-enabled form. GoodRevu provides a world-class performance management software package (web-based, aka SaaS), which is intuitive, and takes care of much of the work of creating employee performance   evaluations. In the following section, we will address how performance management software can be used, and how GoodRevu makes the process easy.

These are some of the benefits of using Performance Management Software, and specifically, GoodRevu Performance Management Software:

Performance management made easy.